The Security Risks of Obsolete Software in Banks

Today, Norway’s largest financial services group, DnB, showcases Windows 7 in new promo video.

For Windows 7, the mainstream support ended on January 13, 2015 and the extended support ended on January 14, 2020, however, security updates are available until January 10, 2023, but as consumers should you be concerned?

I am.

It is concerning when large financial institutions in the information age 2021 continue to use 11 year old Microsoft software products, because, an operating system is the core of an digital device and its purpose is to serve and protect applications running in it.

When flaws occur in operating systems, they no longer protect their processes. Running modern applications on an vulnerable platform is risky. So is running the latest app on your new phone when its backend is vulnerable.

As consumers, you should be aware of the software being used to safeguard your personally identifiable information (PII). Think ahead, think risk.

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