Howto fix AirBnB Issues and Complete Your Booking

You are desperately trying to complete your AirBnB booking for your upcoming trip, but are stuck on the payment screen. Now what? Occasionally when you make bookings on AirBnB you may encounter the following error:

“Unfortunately, a server error prevented your request from being completed. Airbnb may be undergoing maintenance or your connection may have timed out. Please try again.”

Howto Successfully Complete Your AirBnB Payment

All you have to do is to change the currency that you are using to pay for the booking, for example; you may have visited other countries in the past and are trying to pay with this currency in another country where it is not accepted.

You could change the currency to USD or AUD and try to process the payment again. It should work. Go to settings in the AirBnB to change the currency, process the payment and complete your booking!

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