Things To Consider Before Applying To EC-Council University

If you have a strong interest in venturing into the field of Cyber Security, you might have encountered EC-Council and EC-Council University. I would like to shed light on a few important factors that should be taken into consideration before applying to EC-Council University. Establishment and Evolution of EC-Council EC-Council, short for the International Council … Read more

How Online Universities Can Boost Your Programming Career Prospects

Earn new IT degree online and start new career in IT

When it comes to joining a new career field, it’s often hard to know where to start. This can be especially true for fields like IT, which have many proven paths to success. However, if you’re looking to be highly competitive when it comes time to apply for computer science jobs, earning a degree might … Read more

Taking a break from your studies before doing your master's

  Staying motivated throughout busy semesters, working part-time, and paying fees on time is some of the things that most students battles with every day. While many students are strongly motivated after they graduate, others are less, and some consider taking a break from their studies before going for their master’s. If you have recently … Read more

IT-certifications or degree?

  For those looking to progress in their career choosing between IT-certifications or a degree can be challenging. So, If you are looking to get promoted which option should you go for? The answer is that this depends on your goals, background in terms of work experience and education as well as your current financial … Read more