CPU the easy way – Part 4 (Von Neumann bottleneck)

In the last three posts in this series we have covered the Arithmetic/Logic Unit (ALU), the Control Unit, memory and bus. So far we have seen that the Von Neumann architecture is working very well by transferring instructions and data back and forth between memory and CPU via a bus. So what is this Von … Read more

CPU the easy way – Part 1 (Von Neumann architecture)

Ok, so you have just started studying Computer Science or a similar study and you are now learning about Von Neumann architecture. You might be asking yourself “Why do we care about this in year 2015?” Well, trust me, you do care. The details about the architecture is very well documented and you find dozens … Read more

The book for the introductory course

One of the four books we are using this semester is the Computer Science: An Overview (12th Edition). We are only using the first five chapters for the introductory course. These are the introduction chapter which covers the role of algorithms and some of the history of computing. The second chapter covers basic data storage … Read more