What You Need to Know About Cybersecurity for Your Startup

Launching a new business involves lots of prep work. You need to create a business plan, build a marketing strategy and think about finances, to name a few tasks. However, one vital job to tackle is designing a cybersecurity plan. Cyberattacks are a real risk to your business. According to a study from InsuranceBee, more … Read more

3 Common App Mistakes that Small Business Owners Make

If you own a small business, you may be thinking about creating an app to increase brand recognition and the potential for revenue. Since apps have become an integral part of consumers’ everyday life, this could be a smart move. But you also need to be smart when it comes to building a secure, user-friendly, … Read more

Hvordan etablere sikkerhetskultur

Sikkerhetskultur er et perspektiv for å forstå kravene til- og forbedre informasjonssikkerheten i organisasjonen. For å få forbedre informasjonssikkerheten er målet å forbedre kunnskap, holdninger og adferd blant ansatte. Av erfaring er det brukerne som er det svakeste leddet i informasjonssystemer. Hvorfor sikkerhetskultur er viktig for deg og din bedrift Trustwave, en anerkjent bedrift som … Read more

Why You Should Reconsider Your VPN Choices after NordVPN Breach

The consumer VPN market has become so competitive in recent times as more people seek to take control of their privacy in the cyber world. Free and premium VPNs have become popular for users to create a more trusted network environment for themselves while on the internet. However, revelations on the breach of NordVPN (one … Read more

How To Completely Wipe Your Phone

Your phone consist of the same components as a traditional computer. It has a screen, memory, storage, a processor and a (virtual) keyboard. Just like a computer, your phone hold hundreds of files such as documents, email, videos and photos. More importantly, your phone also runs a filesystem which decide what to do when you … Read more

How to Protect Yourself Against Yourself and Cyber Attacks In a Mad Digital World

There is no day where you don’t hear about data breaches. Breaches where reputable companies are leaking out your personal information. You panicked last time you lost your phone, only to find it nearby, and promised yourself to take better care of your possessions. Your devices are still laying around, your online presence is messy … Read more

How to set up a VPN for free

VPN stands for virtual private network and is a service you can use to encrypt your Internet traffic. Leaving it unreadable for prying eyes. This is useful when you connect to public WiFi in airports, hotels and coffee shops. Using a VPN service also allows you to manipulate and set your preferred location. It will … Read more